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Team Building

What’s better than putting your co-workers in a cage and giving them axes? Nothing! It’s perfect! Prepare for high intensity learning and pulse-pounding adrenaline. You and your comrades will battle and overcome the challenges of properly throwing an axe and then compete in the ultimate elimination tournament!

Each member of your team will have to dig deep and call upon their inner lumberjack. Strength, brains, fancy degrees and positions in the company or team are all left on the sidelines when each member steps into the arena.

Axe Throwing can be done by anyone of any size, thus, there is an equal playing field for everyone in your group, where a true exhibition in adaptability, quick learning, confidence and a sense of fun rule the day!

Our company team building events are produced by the same team who have brought you the most memorable corporate team building activity in Washington: High Trek Adventures. In the same manner, those sought-after qualities of leadership, communication and competitiveness are brought to the forefront.

We are paying great attention to the safety of your team: as an example, we request that your staff wears closed toe shoes on our axe throwing ranges.

For private and corporate events, you will have a dedicated axe-throwing coach called an Axepert. They’ll start your teams off by teaching you how to throw an axe. They’ll also conduct fun games with your teams and then start a group tournament.

So why wait any longer, book your Team Building event today and don't forget to wear your flannel!



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