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Hone Your Axe Throwing Skills

  • Soft Touch - Axe throwing is a finesses sport and not a feat of strength.  In fact, for the best accuracy, you will want to minimize your power and focus on the target and your release point.
  • Little Spin - A common perception is that you need to give a big rotation to the axe.  In reality, you only want the axe to spin one rotation as it sails thru the air and lands on target.  To do this, you will want to avoid bending your wrist upon the release of the axe.
  • Strait over Top - Throw with two hands going strait over the top.  Otherwise, your is likely to wobble and hit the target and the blade will hit the target at a bad angle.  Since the wood grain is vertical you will want to have the axe hit the target in a parallel direction to the target.



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